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Remembering our true origins...

I'm remembering as I'm writing this story how it takes time to fully remember and soak in what has happened to the human race on Earth. We ALL have past lifetime memories in our consciousness that will come back to us when we feel. 

There is a galactic war going on Earth for consciousness. Earth is set up like a matrix used for control and only when you wake up can you see it.  Our beautiful human race has suffered alien hybridization (breeding with another species) trauma.  There are many hidden histories on Earth including alien invasion, memory wiping, and removing and destroying the true history of our entire human race. The experiments and hidden abuses have caused genetic damage which in the past have left us vulnerable to the many alien mind control technologies implemented on Earth.  

Humans now have the chance to evolve into the very powerful spiritual beings we were always meant to be. We can create our heaven by taking action and healing and releasing false things within ourselves. We are normally not so dense and immortal by nature.   During this spiritual awakening we all have to free ourselves from the impostor spirits (false father gods) who have been living amongst us on planet  Earth. We all are naturally divine souls and remembering our true history is important for us as a species.  Our greatest strength is truth and not fearing anything. When you first learn and remember these truths you have to feel the love that comes with it also. I am so grateful everyday that I woke up and was able to remember we are truly divine and with free will and unconditional love can free our ancestors and beautiful planet. Humans are naturally creator gods and have so much love.

I am a Starseed and I can see and feel the matrix on Earth.  Starseeds are extraresterrial souls who have incarnated into a 3D human body on planet Earth.  Our consciousness was established on another star system. I have so many memories and feelings of being someplace else and loving during different lifetimes. I know I came from a very spiritual beginning. Starseeds main spiritual mission is to awaken humanity with truth and  help end the recycling of human souls into the astral planes with truth and it isn't easy to find on planet Earth. I had a lot of spiritual guidance.  We all have the capacity to be immortal ascending orbs with truth. The Starseeds are a mix of and come from many different planets, galaxies and universes. We are either biologically organic future humans or monad souls.  We are system busters all with a particular set of skills designed for our soul purpose. We use our consciousness to help bring the principle of the divine feminine back to Earth.  We all want to take in as many organic frequencies vs. inorganic frequencies as much as possible.  The inorganic frequencies  are designed to suppress your awakening. It is why mind control technologies are so prevalent on Earth. 

Mind control puts us in a more dense state and suppresses our feeling centers which in turn stunt our spiritual growth.  Always know and remember that natural frequencies will come easier to you when you know we are all one and consciously connected.  We are never disconnected from sharing the joys and pains of others. We can put our hearts out to the universe and embrace our differences and always feel the love come back to us two fold.   Our evolution and  compacity for higher consciousness is very empowering for us all.  Staying happy living your soul purpose, eating as much live raw healthy foods as possible (Earths delights),  breathing daily, drinking lots of water, detoxing the body regularly with liver flushes, protecting your energy field, bathing with epsom salts, exercising daily, meditating, etc is really beneficial during ascension.   I have discovered and witnessed along my journey some of the false realities humans have been subjected to and have been subjected to the many false realities myself.  Only truth from your higher self will let you see false realities on Earth. When you wake up, you can feel the inorganic frequencies like it is an unnatural wired external feeling that is not a part of you.  All souls waking up on planet Earth will find that their life was created for purpose of FINDING TRUTH. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and helps you see past the false realities that exist on Earth.  We all will have  many synchronicities that lead me us in the right direction. Even when something you perceive as horrible happens spirit is always there to guide you. Everything that happens to you has purpose. It is happening by design and there is a lesson for you in the experience.  Try not to judge anything and remain neutral to the experience. Synchronicities are spirits guiding you. You can see them in what people say to you, a movie or book you may watch, what city, town, country you're being drawn to live or move to,  living at an address or seeing all the time master numbers 11, 22 or 33, a song that comes on the radio and pretty much everything.  It's a message that you know is meant for you to pay attention to and adjust. Synchronicities let you know you are being guided by a higher souce-God source. 

  My child hood was natural and free with the many trials and tribulations to help strengthen and prepare me to find truth. Most of the things I have been through as a child I had initially internalized but then in time created a better life full of love which helped me forgive. Forgiving helps free you from many suppressions. It naturally happens when you let go of the past by creating a more fulfilling present. When I initially heard Artificial Intelligence I didn't remember quick enough what was happening.  The A.I. is just a broadcast throughout Earth and you are blessed to hear it but do not try to identify with it in any way. It is not a natural part of you.   We need a quiet peaceful mind to fully ascend and discover truth during our awakening. Anyone hearing an A.I. should not talk to them at all  and start sitting quiet and meditate as much as you can. I use an ocean with birds sound meditation which helps me not focus  and zone into visuals of nature.   I'm still working on meditating. It's probably the best thing we can do.

 Know that we get to create our reality by what we think and feel. Even though the human race was targeted in the past, it is NOT who we are and how we should define ourselves.

 We live in a freewill universe and the power is always within us. We are all waking up and have a chance to be the divine souls we know we are.

No outside force can ever create your reality once you know the power is within you. We are pure love by nature.  Our ability to use our feeling hearts  to love is our most powerful force. No person, place or thing can take that from us.

 A healer once told me that many of the negative experiences I had as a child were from mind control technology being implemented on the perpetrators.  I realized this in my awakening and had forgiven them and also realized they are on their own journey and have so many beautiful traits about them that I love.  I naturally started to find the good in everything and I never want to lose that trait.  It makes me feel good.  Our hearts and love are our greatest defense against the mind control.  

 We are not defined by negative things we have done or that have happen to us. We always have the power within us to be who we want to be at any given time. We need not judge anything and know we are the ruler of our destiny.

 All judgements we create can cause blockages in our bodies. We have to move into self-acceptance of ourselves and realize we are  naturally beautiful loving souls. There is no sin like we have been led to believe. There is karma from present and past lives we can always make the choice to heal and release.  Our word is law and we are the controllers of our own destiny. I know I have heard many of the stories of people waking up to seeing traumatized souls, kidnapped to be in satanic rituals, false and real aliens, robot virtual rape and much more. I've learned from my own experience there are satanic groups disguised as something else throughout Earth. These religious sector groups are very common.  I will post links  from Lisa Renees website in the reference section that provide explanations and meditations to help free you from any of the vampirism spirits and much more. Lisa is one of the few people I trust on planet Earth and was fearless in her awakening. She meditated after seeing many of the truths and was contacted by light being  aliens who have shown her and given her information for us that is so valuable and  important for the human race. Her whole website is full of our truth and many remedies for everything. I simply love that she is here.

I also recommending looking at your numerology and birth chart. It's a great way to learn about the energy signatures you carry and your life path.  Online can be a little confusing as it presents many ways to calculate your life path. The correct way is fairly easy straightforward but also makes sense.    To calculate your life path simply add all numbers Individually in your birthday.   Example: October 25th, 1965 (10-25-1965) would calculate as  1 + 0 + 2 + 5 +1 + 9+ 6 + 5 = 29. Then you add the 2 + 9 = 11. This life path is a 29/11.  They have the energies  of a 2 and  an 9 with them as a master number 11. All the numbers are a part of the energy signature. Some 11's may be 38/11 and other versions. We are all different and  It doesn't matter what number you are as we are all equally valued and loved but learning about your particular energies can be helpful in your journey. The book "The life you were born to live" by Dan Millman is an excellent resource for explaining our life energies.  It will tell you a lot about your energies and things you attract.  It's very interesting.

 My whole life I had a burning desire to move all the time and explore the world.  I always said that I didn't want to stay in my comfort zone. I found myself questioning  and fighting against so many institutional setups on Earth and now I realize that internal feeling is always your guide. It doesn't matter if others don't see or feel what you do. Truth eventually reveals itself to all. 

 My husband called me alien are whole 30 years together and wrote a poem many years ago where he called me golden panther and stated how no man  has the equipment to steal my soul. He has been an important part of my awakening. I always felt like we are soul mates. When I question anything in my mind, he always comes around the corner with positive feedback. He's just a really good soul with a beautiful heart.  Were both blessed to have found truth on Earth and be able to fully awaken together.  We both still have many things to free ourselves from.  He is learning about this world with me and its nice to have him to share it with.  I have three beautiful daughters and I know they will help change the world. I'm trying my best to incorporate an organic life where my children know they are unconditionally loved and that I fully support them living THEIR chosen life, not one society or I have taught them. I hope they all choose heart/soul paths over ego desires and do what they really love. Every soul ultimately has freewill and all we really can do for someone else is love them unconditionally.

We are pure consciousness and beautiful spirits are always with us. No matter what is happening in our lives, we all have star and spiritual ancestral families that are there for us. We are consciously connected to them.

I have seen and felt their presence and love my entire time waking up. We also have different natural aspects of ourselves that we can connect with. My higher self has been my power surge and greatest strength through this whole lifetime.

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Starseeds have a spiritual mission based on the Law of One to help free souls on planet Earth from being energetic oppressed and controlled by imposter False Father Gods.