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Awakened Healers on Planet Earth (Under Construction)

Lisa Renee

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth


At Energetic Synthesis you will find an extensive library of information about Earths Ascension which includes many meditations and information to help you navigate your ascension and clear implants and mind control from your Lightbody.

LIsa Renee is a Starseed who isn't afraid to talk about many of the truths on our planet that many of us can feel.  My higherself sent me to Energetic Synthesis (ES) early in my awakening and ES has been the home where I can always find truth that is IN MY HEART. I am not a conspiracy theorist and the validation of my experience is not up for debate.  I awakened to HEARING and SEEING  mind control technology that most of humanity knows nothing about so I am very grateful to Lisa for being fearless and going internal vs external thus connecting with our Guardians and being able to bring valuable information to Earth. I believe eventually humans will have full disclosure of what has happened to our planet and I am dedicating my life to helping others. When we can access our god given powerful energies and can feel our pure love connection to everything we ultimately get to experience the eternal freedom that exist in the universe. Always keep the faith in your heart and know the power is internal within you.  For those who can hear and see some of the many hidden technologies on our planet just know you are never alone and surrounded by so much love at all times.  

Many Starseeds and Indigos are targeted  with additional implants that Lisa Renee talks about. 

The Suppressor Parasite Entities (SPE's) are one of many implants that can be removed with knowledge. Many of the implants, attachments can be removed when we quiet the mind and feel our buried current and past life wounds/trauma. The entities are able to attach to soul fragments that need healing.

Many types of life traumas fracture our soul and the fragments need to be witnessed, healed and unified.

I am going through this process and will post details of my experience.

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth


When I first heard about Jim Humble I saw the intense targeting he had against him on the internet.  After I put the story together, I knew I met an individual who discovered something that would change our world for the better. His formula destroys pathogens (bacteria, virus's, fungi, etc)  and various poisons created by the pathogens by OXIDATING them in our body. As the oxidation process of killing pathogens occurs, the body is freed from toxins and can NATURALLY HEAL. Fabuloso!  I simply use MMS for everything and it works. If you have any kind of illness listen to Jim Humbles story. Our truth has been hidden on planet Earth. Jim Humble is a beautiful soul who discovered a cure for malaria and many other diseases with a simple solution that has intentionally been suppressed and targeted on our planet.  The internet is full of lies and manipulations about MMS including a video that proves MMS can cure Malaria.

Why do you think there has been great effort to suppress the brilliant effects of MMS?   This video tells truth-please pass it on.  Truth is powerful for all of us.

I am using Jim Humbles solution (MMS) for various things and will post details about my success/experience soon.

Dr. Kalckler is a brilliant loving doctor who got together with  Jim Humble and uses a new version of his solution to help Earth heal. He is using it to cure many diseases.

Dr. Zach Bush (a heartfelt brilliant doctor) invented a product that can help you restore your gut. It is a product that is known as the anti-dote to Glyphosate which a pesticide found in many of the products we use daily. Several people in my family take ION BIOME (formally Restore) and I also give Luma to my two dogs. Learn more information about ION BIOME

High frequency tones at Guruvie

*Meet Jim Humble and other Starseeds who are bringing healing remedies to Earth

High frequency tones at Guruvie

Listen to high frequency music tones. music tones with frequencies that help in today's awakening environment. 

He even has a tone made specifically for SPE's and I listen to his tones all the time when I get frequency manipulation (music and other low frequencies sounds corded to me).


Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's)

What are GMO's?

Earth has been infiltrated with a plethora of genetic engineering techniques that can manipulate weather, food supply, and ultimately human DNA.

Genetically modified foods are seeds/foods that are produced from organisms that have had changes put into their DNA using bio-technology methods.

The list in the picture above which includes corn, soy, rice (not shown), cotton are the highest risk genetically modified foods and many of them have been genetically modified so long that it is hard to find a non genetically modified seed to start fresh and safe. You can however find companies making these particular foods GMO free. 

I try to not to eat living beings (containing blood) to promote harmlessness on Earth and after learning about GMO's realized I really had to really pay attention to everything. Many of the high risk genetically modified foods such as corn, soy, zucchini are popular stables used as substitutes for the vegan community dishes and others not eating meat.  When visiting restaurants or traveling,  I will ask the owner if their soy is non gmo or just choose to not select the high risk foods. Many times you think you are making healthy choices for you and your family not realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes in this upside down world. 

The picture below is a guide to look for BOTH of those labels to be on a product for the optimal safe non gmo organic product. The Non-GMO verified label means a product is verified that it is not grown with gmo seeds but unfortunately can still be sprayed with pesticides in the process and the USDA Organic label means the product was not allowed to be sprayed with pesticides but not necessarily tested for non gmo. High risk foods/plants should always have both labels to keep your body contamination free.  Both labels means the plant SEED was non gmo tested and then in the manufacturing process not allowed to be sprayed with pesticides. Nice. 


 Genetically modified foods (GMO's) are the brainchild of the negative alien. Many conscious doctors are awakening to discover the negative poisoning effects of GMO's and many of those doctors attribute the gmo's being created and distributed for money and greed but it is ultimately so much more.  

Look for these two labels to be on the product to be sure of optimal safe organic non gmo product

Products for optimal health

I'm trying to eat and live everything Verified Organic and  NON-GMO Verified  and because its natural (not genetically modified) and feels SAFE and healthy. I'm saying NO to the Frankenfoods on our planet.  I personally still try to mostly eat raw organic foods and avoid the high risk gmo plants such as alfalfa, corn, cotton, soy, potatoes zucchini, animal products and enzymes.  A great place to start is by using pure olive oil to cook with versus GMO contaminated corn, cotton and canola oils. You can even request the restaurant you eat at to use pure olive oil when preparing your meal. 

 I will list some of the NON- GMO Organic products I'm using on my website and the non-gmo verified link above  and non-shopping guide below can assist you in verifying what products are safe. Here are several additional links for information and where to find non gmo products.

For those who grow your own foods here is a link to non gmo seeds at

  Institute for Responsible Technology  Incredible website with people who are fighting to have safe healthy food alternatives for Earth.

Non-GMO shopping Guide

Pets and GMO's

Secret Ingredients Movie trailer and info about several families journeys of recovering from various diseases completely after eliminating ALL GMO contaminated  foods.

The documentary Genetic Roulette is an excellent resource for learning  how the GMO epidemic started and what is being done to get and keep out them out of the human food supply. A book version is available also.

Here is another link where Lisa Renee is talking about Genetic Engineering including GMOs, vaccinations and chemtrail.  GMO's are the brainchild of the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) for the sole purpose of owning all the plants and seeds on Earth to breed them genetically modified. Excited to have humans fighting for organic natural foods. Please share this information with others. Knowledge is power on Earth.

Organic Non GMO products/brands I use: Always look for non gmo verified label and the green/white round organic combo. Non-GMO verified label is non gmo products (grown with non gmo seeds) but may have been sprayed with pesticides and with the USDA/Organic label the product allows no synthetic pesticides but not always tested for gmo contamination.  Having BOTH LABELS is the most natural optimal safe product but having one or the other label is a great start to perfect health.  See pic above.

 Not every product of a particular brand is verified and gmo free. Always check and read labels.


C2O Coconut Water

Malk Almond Milk

Living GTS drinks available at local grocery store.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk (most grocery stores)

Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water

Vita Coco Coconut water


Allegro Coffee

Organic India Tea

Earth Mama Organic tea


Mahatma Rice

Near East Cou Cous

Barilla pasta and sauces

Organic Bello tomato pasta sauce


Bakery on the main oatmeal



Wonderful Pistahcios

Terrasoul organic nuts, powders, flours.

Raised Gluten Free has delicious pot pies and more made by two inspiring moms

Nutburger has incredible nut tacos!


Dave Killers Bread

Earth balance peanut butter and spreads

Justins spreads

Sabra humus

Barneys butter


Wholesomesweet organic blue agave

LAKANTO monkfruit sweetner

Madhava agave


Morning Star I believe the non gmo are the progressive package in a different color packaging


Nasoya sells incredible organic non gmo tofu


Bertolli olive oil

Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil

Aurora natural coconut flakes


Mckormick gourmet: Many organic and non gmo labeled spices

Primal Kitchen Ketchup and mustards, salad dressings, no soy teriyaki


Simply Organic

Evolution Salt Co.

WestBrae Natural: Mustard


I am weaning our 2 dogs from the all the genetically modified foods out there so they can be healthy and free. 

As of today, both of their favoritie foods are what I mostly eat, They love sliced raw strawberries, grapes, avocado, cucumber or almost anything you love to eat that is healthy for you. Carter loves green peppers the most. :)

Pura Natural Pet has shampoos, dental care and much more.

Harrison Bird Foods- I use to put out birdseed not realizing parts of the mix were genetically modified-especially when it contains corn.

Warshorse dog Shampoo-use this to wash my dogs

The Honest Kitchen makes a human grade vegan concentrated mix you just add to hot water.

Wetnoses doggy treats

Doggy delirious peanut butter dog treats

Rileys organics


Greenerways Organic all purpose cleaner

Booda Organics Laundry Detergent


Andalou Naturals has a wonderful selection of  Non - GMO skincare, haircare and body care products.

Aura Cacia oils for skin

Garden of Life Coconut Oil

Earth Mama Organics for new mom and their babies. 

Eco lips

Booda Organics deodorant, soap and lip balm

Desert Essence toothpaste, oils, face wash

Caboo bamboo tissue, paper towels,

South of France  Organic Soaps


Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina

Organic India carries adaptogenic products I love


carries many non gmo supplements

Bragg carries many non gmo healthy conscious products

Hylands Bioplasma Cell Salts

Keavys Corner has many earth friendly products that focus on parasites and detoxification of our bodies. Many humans have parasites and from what I learned, the parasites can carry electromagnetic signals and thus need to be removed from our being. Keavy's Corner offers some of the most potent natural remedies for removing. You will find my testimonial and others in detail on this website.

Dr. Hulda Clark has one of the best liver flushes which I also recommend doing at least every 6 weeks. She also carry's potent natural herbs for parasite cleanses with the same ingredients as Keavys Corner. 

These past few years I have attempted to bring more organic everything into my home and just have less material things in general.

 Everything is energy-so less always feels better.

Coyuchi organic cotton bedding

Synergy uses natural fiber fabric to make beautiful clothings that feels good. Clothes made from recycled fabrics and organic.