Awakened Healers on Gaia (Under Construction)

Lisa Renee


At Energetic Synthesis you can find meditations and details to help you navigate your ascension and clear implants and mind control from Lightbody.

*Meet Jim Humble *Find high frequency tones on


If you have any kind of illness listen to Jim Humbles story. Our truth has been hidden. He actually found a cure for malaria and many other diseases with a simple solution. Truth is powerful for us. music tones with frequencies that help in today's awakening environment. 

He even has a tone made specifically for SPE's and I listen to his tones all the time when I get frequency manipulation (music and other low frequencies sounds corded to me).

Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE's), Other Alien Implants and Electromagnetic Signals


Lisa explains in this article details of one of the many types of etheric implants (I am in the process of removing these from myself (SPE's) and gives remedies to remove it and other alien implants.  Also a great read on electromagnetic signals.

Please scroll up to article when land on pages. 

Products for optimal health


I have tried many products and only pass on ones that have worked for me. Please try it and PASS ON YOUR EXPERIENCE to others on Earth. 

Keavys Corner has many earth friendly products that focus on parasites and detoxification of our bodies. Many humans have parasites and from what I learned, the parasites can carry electromagnetic signals and thus need to be removed from our being. Keavy's Corner offers some of the most potent natural remedies for removing. You will find my testimonial and others in detail on this website.

Dr. Zach Bush invented a product that can help you restore your gut. It is a product that is known as the antidote to glyphosate which a pesticide found in many of the products we use daily. Learn more information about Restore.

Dr. Hulda Clark has one of the best liver flushes which I also recommend doing at least every 6 weeks. She also carry's potent natural herbs for parasite cleanses with the same ingredients as Keavys Corner. 

Bodyecology offers a wide variety of products for the conscious human wanting to restore their body to perfect health.

Earthtuface makes natural skin, face and body products. 

Sun & Earth offer a wide variety of household cleaning products. All natural. 

Synergy uses natural fiber fabric to make beautiful clothings that feels good. 

I personally can feel all the  organic and inorganic signals on Earth-so I'm changing sheets, clothes, furniture and  everything I can change to organic. Natural fabrics from Earth. Everything is about frequency. Organic feels good.