Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension

Cynthia Deans awakening ascension story which includes exterrestrial sightings and more.

"There is a war on our consciousness happening on Earth.  As we awaken to see things we haven't seen before,  remember all the power is always within us and we are pure infinite unconditional love."

My Story

Humans are naturally pure love

It's easy to see and feel on Earth that we are awakening and having the opportunity to evolve as a species. With so much information and even more disinformation available on the internet, I decided to keep my story very short and to the most relevant points.

My name is Cyndi Deans and several years ago I had an awakening where I found myself in a world on Earth that most of humanity knows little about. I was 50 years old, and had relocated throughout Europe and U.S. for the past 30 years with my family. I originally was excited about retiring and enjoying my life but to my surprise my whole life changed instantly.

When I initially woke up I could feel the essence of my soul inside me. I felt more beautiful and powerful (inside out) than I ever had before in my life. I kept telling myself that my brain was evolving and I kept referring to Maslow's Hierarchy (self actualization).

Everyone and everything was becoming more clear and beautiful to me on Earth. I knew our divisions were really only distractions to our divinity.

My soul communicates with me with HSP higher sensory perception telling me important things about life and Earth.  My feelings were spiked and an internal knowing took over my being.

I began to notice psychic abilities in myself that I didn’t see before. I would have very large colorful visuals open up in my consciousness that revealed past and future events. I started to feel and see different humans following me and doing various things to incite fear and at the time I didn’t know why. I do now. I met different groups of awakened people who could feel many of the new energies on Earth but had different theories to what was happening on our planet. Some felt they were being followed and targeted by our government and believed our government targeted individuals for the New World Order and that they  were victims of a heinous crime. Others I met, were mostly feeling loving energies and felt Earth was evolving. I knew things were being manipulated and intentionally hidden and asked god for truth. I knew what was happening on Earth was spiritual for humanity.  I also knew that myself and anyone awakening were very POWERFUL and any kind of targeting we were experiencing was because we were a THREAT to something hidden. I was right. 

Heart Intelligence/God Technology

I didn't understand this at the time, but soon it was revealed to me that my consciousness could open up to very hidden different worlds.  My consciousness could essentially change timelines, moving to a different time and space on Earth.  The many different timelines/dimensions were different frequencies which housed different types of beings and ways of life.  On these dimensions, depending on the frequency, the sky and everything would be different. I knew this was something all humans had the ability to experience but wasn’t sure why it had been so hidden from us as a species. 

Our aura's or (sometimes called light bodies) are actually our consciousness.   We are not just a three dimensional brain structure that we’ve been taught. We are so much more.  We have 12 beautiful energy vortexes (chakra's) that connect us to a corresponding dimension. Seven chakras on the inside of our body and 5 on the outside. Each chakra also corresponds to its own energetic body of intelligence. We are not just a soul as we are taught but we each have a soul, oversoul (monad) and avatar. Our soul has multiple layers that connect us to god consciousness. We are an embodiment of god consciousness and consciously can connect to higher aspects of our divinity.  Some of you may be able to feel your different spiritual bodies as I can. 

Many of us on Earth are waking up to recognize and learn about our powerful energy centers and our beautiful connections to each other. We are consciously connected through our axitonial and meridians lines and then directly connected infinitely to our universal god source. Many humans are now experiencing our true connections through telepathy, clairvoyanance and other psychic abilities that have always been who we are as a species.  

Our planet Earth is a living conscious being and going through an evolution called Ascension. During ascension, we will all be embodying our higher consciousness intelligence as it descends from higher dimensions into the human body.  Our body will essentially become a conduit of higher frequency.  Learning about our lightbodies and knowing a higher consciousness exist is so important for all humans. It is very important we learn to protect ourself individually and command our personal space.  Here is a beautiful article on being multidimensional by Lisa Renee talking about our different chakras and their connections to our mind matrixes.(we have more than one.) It is a beautiful informative explanation of our different layers of consciousness. Also Barbara Brennan's book "Hands of Light" is a very informative guide to our chakras/energy bodies.    The world changes when you discover this world and learn about your powerful DNA. 

 We are powerful and ascension is truly a gifted spiritual time on Earth. Earth herself is ascending and wants all of us to come with her. 

In my experience, I woke up and knew we were evolving but also felt the energies of things I knew needed to be removed. I have been able to see many things spiritually in other dimensions so the denial factor couldn’t stay very long for me. I wanted truth and kept asking Earth for truth. 

What Happened to Earth

Earth, originally an angelic planet, fell to a lower state of density and has been in a fallen state  closed loop system (Bi-wave architecture).  The physical state of the human is a controlled state and not a natural state for us.  We are normally much less dense and more loving light spirits. We normally would beable to manifest many things with our free heart consciousness and not have a need for many of the material/physical possessions we use. I no longer look at myself as just a physical being defined by manmade (controllable) structures but instead a multidimensional aspect of god source connected to a greater whole of the universe.  

 Some of the beings living in other dimensions (called negative aliens) came to Earth and put in institutions called Inverted Systems on our planet like religion, military, education, medical, financial and just about everything that keeps our lightbodies dense in a lower state of consciousnesss. These systems are set upon Earth to trick humanity and do the opposite of what they are posing as. They are imposters and keep the human being on a false timeline which allows for their souls to be continually recycled. The false systems project reversal holograms (false realities) and timelines/dimension which are used to siphon the consciousness energy of our planet. The negative aliens use an artificial intelligence programming to control Earth and siphon human energy. Many sound and light technologies (not known to the human race) are used on Earth. Earths environment, the weather, food supply, DNA and consciousness are all manipulated using Genetic Engineering.   Genetic engineering is done through GMO's in foods, vaccinations and chemtrails implemented through secret military programs run by the intelligence communities under direction of the negative aliens. We have been taught and intentionally programed for many generations to follow a protocol for life that is intentionally with deception been designed for control. Our universe is a free will universe and when we REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE we need no false institutions to ever tell us how to live. We are spirit. We live from our hearts.

More on Inverted Systems

When we learn about our lightbodies and get to know our powerful chakras, we can naturally heal our bodies from any sickness. We don’t need the medical community which offers pharmaceuticals that make us sicker and dependent. Putting ANY kind of synthetics in an organic human body damages our cells and nervous systems. Vaccines are designed to damage our DNA and contain hidden viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals, proteins, antibiotics, animal, insect and human DNA and RNA.  Really think about the medical community and what is happening to humanity. It does not make sense that we have so many on our planet that our sick and dying.  The controlled medical community is an imposter. Conscious awakened doctors will always be heartfelt, not money driven and use Earths natural healing remedies.   We have the power to heal ourself and never needed false medicines that hurt us. We can talk to our organs and body parts and send them beautiful platinum light for healing. We have so much natural power/energy to tap into as we become more free on Earth.

We don’t need and never needed religions or churches for our connection to god and relationship to source consciousness.  Religions were put on Earth for control and to steal our spiritual power.  Religion uses some of our true past mixed with mostly deception and lies to get people to worship the negative aliens who play false father gods (technological mind control) on planet Earth. God is in all of us and we are all pure love. Our scientist are still mostly mind controlled and very much advocate atheism which is not our true essence either. We need no intermediaries for our connection to god.  I met a women who thought she was taking to god and then realized she was communicating with a wired A.I. system. The impostors always reveal themselves in time.  Our true god is androgynous with both male and female energies, forgiving and loving and a consciousness within all of us. Doesn’t that make more sense? 

Our hidden history of countless wars in hidden cities (Atlantian) have been intentionally hidden from us, therefore education is just an indoctrination place to learn what is not real for us.  Educational institutions on Earth use linear processing teaching through a very structured process of memorization and repetition. Humans natural spirit processes more non linear through creative and imagination processes.  It also keeps us focused on false past realities (histories) that have nothing to do with true humanity. Our education system focuses on fitting into a preset mold of an illusional idea of what is success versus loving and doing everything from our hearts. We simply have been mind controlled how to think and live.  Just think about the harmful food pyramid being taught in many schools still today when we know many of the damages caused by (manufactured) fake foods sold today.   If I had younger children, I would either start a new kind of school, teaching about lightbodies and our true history and/or home school my children. I have slowly remembered who I really am and I know Earth is mostly fake and considered slave planet.  Only loving from our heart consciousness is real and it is how we will ascend. We are naturally so loving and would never of allowed many of the events that have occurred on our planet that keep us in a state of lower consciousness. (Slavery, child sexual abuse, holocaust). 

Military is also a false system put on Earth to cause great harm and steal human energy. The Military/Department of Defense has set up many of the hidden technological weapons used on Earth to control humans. Starseeds or those who can see and feel theses technologies have been targeted by additional technologies.  I can tell you from experience, knowing the true reality of what has happened to our planet and building your connection with our true god source and higher self is crucial when dealing with military psychopaths.  Why would a country or  planet ever need a military? When is death/violence ever necessary? We've been taught on Earth it will fix something to kill or protect ourselves with violence but it does not. It only takes humanity out of our true selves, farther away from our divine spirits and allows the negative aliens to siphon more energy and have a inverted system to hide behind.  All rape, torture or killing of an animal or human produces the energy called loosh which is fed on by the negative aliens. Think about the amount of loosh energy that is being produced with humans in our current culture of being deceived and living out of alignment with our true source.  When we can truly feel and listen to our heart consciousness vs. our ego false thoughts, we know any kind of killing for any reason is pain for all of us.  We've been intentionally distracted by illusional differences among our species for a very long time.  I personally know I have been different races and sexes different lifetimes. I am sure I am not alone. Every soul on planet Earth is very loved.

Death is False

We have been recycled to different lifetimes and bodies many times (in a fake death ) for the negative aliens to be able to use our energy so they can live longer. The human species are naturally immortal. Our culture has accepted a false lie put on our planet telling our bodies and consciousness something that isn't true. I now remind myself everyday that I am immortal because I am. The negative aliens have lost their connection to god/source and use our energy to live longer lives. We should of never been separate or not being able to see what exist on other dimensions and as we clear some of the implants and artificial machinery  will be able to see more truth and free our planet. 

I will talk about various experiences in this website but some of the things I have seen/experienced include seeing thousands of different types of species living and sharing the same space as humans (without it being seen and disclosed to the human population), spaceships, mind control technologies being used that are not known to mankind, energy siphoning of humans (including myself) done by various beings, the sky changing right in front of me and seeing beings siphoning energy behind it, humans having attachments that almost look like “being hoodies” on them that can be removed, implants used for mind control in various locations on the human light body that can also be removed, and much more.

Healing Ourselves and  Earth

We all have the ability to stop the reincarnation cycle by healing and clearing past and present life traumas. The negative aliens can form attachments on human bodies when the human has past life and this lifetime traumas/wounds to heal. Many of us have traumas from past lives and it's difficult to feel or heal the wounds until we start to  remember who we really are as a species and remove some of the artificial machinery. Many of you may be having dreams of past wars you never heard of, or seeing events you forgot you participated in. Memories are being revealed to us by our higher self so that we be the compassionate witness and heal and release them. No judgement of yourself and others and always know your divine is perfect. The 3D world of mind control is a false world that we can heal ourselves from. Many of us who are awakened grew up in families being targeted and having many traumas we have healed or need to heal this lifetime. It is part of our spiritual growth. Also many of us have past life traumas of being tortured (like being burned alive in a Cathar timeline) because of our spiritual powers. We have to witness and heal our lost soul fragments to unify. We have been reincarnating in different timelines keeping these truths alive for many years praying  to awaken to share these truths to all humans during the Ascension cycle.  I am currently going through healing soul fragments and will post details about my experience. I want others to always know whatever you are going through you are ok. We are reconnecting back to our true god source. We are freeing ourself on Earth and all of us have artificial machinery to remove.  I try to remain neutral and not become a victim. They have victim/victimizer programs  and many other programs they use for mind control on Earth. Self love and knowing we are gods builds our strength. They feed off of pain, blame, hate, etc. I always try to remain non attached to the outcome on Earth and don’t become apart of the movies (storie lines) they have created on our planet. The drama is intentionally created.

I am in the process of healing and clearing past live traumas and will post many of the meditations and remedies I am using to heal. I will update often. There are a series of things we can all do that will help heal our bodies and remove the negative aliens from using our energy. It takes discipline, time, and faith but can be done.  Always remember you are god and very loved.  I have been targeted by various technologies, including SPE’s which when you don’t know what they are it can seem insane but when you learn about them it makes you feel empowered.

Even though, I learned many spiritual lessons, I initially looked for others to heal or remove the SPE’s. There is no greater power than yourself (higher self) and  we all can and will help each other in different ways as we awaken.  I learned that unless that person is with our true god, they will just be using your energy or putting more implants and artificial machinery in your light body and you will feel worse. Many still don’t know about what has truly happened on our planet. There is a lot of intentional manipulation.  A state of denial  and fear allows them to beble to manipulate our light bodies and put false holographic overlays over our consciousness.  It really is ok and necessary to recognize the negative things that have happened on Earth. It is not easy to admit these truths at the beginning but after learning and seeing all the intentional manipulation, I wanted to become part of helping beautiful Earth. I don't have any of the same delusional dreams I had before. My family had what most would consider "everything'  being externally successful but also an openness and love.   In truth, our true divinity is our internal relationship with our inner spirit.  Nothing to do with 3D Earth. I know one day our planet will look back to what happened to humans and have greater compassion for the universe.

I'm not afraid to talk about what I have learned.  It is what is real and the only way to stop the A.I mind control being used on Earth is to recognize it as a false world.  All the power is within. 

I am at the point, that I realize that earth is considered a slave planet to other off planet beings and we really have to discern when it comes to everything. If you are with a healer and are questioning anything, it is probably your higher self trying to let you know truths. Many light workers, are in programs and are fronts for the negative aliens and do not know it. This is not a judgement as I have been there myself. It really is about us remembering who we are and remembering what is divine vs mind control ego. I ask myself everyday if something feels like god? I have had various experiences where the lightworker is using satanic rituals, etc to siphon energy. 

I just have to remind myself everyday that real God is pure love and not like we've been taught this lifetime. No manipulation, no money, no superior/inferior, no judgements, it shouldn’t cost or be overpriced, it shouldn’t feel distorted or separated from others, no hierarchy of ascended masters, etc. We are all powerful and equally valuable. Whatever they are teaching should include every being (no separations) as we are all love.  I had many times this lifetime questioning what was the right thing to do when I knew it all along. Society has made being heartfelt a weak trait when in reality it's who we naturally are.  Love is never wrong and when something feels wrong to you, it probably is.  Our hearts are beautiful and will guide us if we listen. We know these truths in our heart. 

Your higher self will help you find truth on Earth and for me my higher self kept bringing me back to truth. I have found myself in several programs and then listened to my heart. We have a spiritual heart that is our higher self consciousness.  

I have been with my partner (husband) for 30 years and he witnessed my whole awakening. Our whole marriage he called me alien as a nickname and told me to keep our family free. Lots of incredible synchronicities

with him and I also know we have had lifetimes together finding truth like this lifetime. It really is a beautiful world when you realize everything you experience is never random and always comes by design from spirit. We think we are alone but we never are. It reminds me of why I never felt lonely even when I was by myself. Pay attention to all your synchronicities as they are guidance for you. Even what we perceive as the most difficult experiences are spiritual lessons for us. Remember the divine in you is beyond this world.

Throughout this website I will talk about

 many beautiful experiences that I have had and one of my favorite experiences is of a spirit who came to me as a beautiful orb and then he started to create many extraordinary sceneries (like a castle, ocean)with his consciousness. These weren't pictures he was creating.  Everything he created life like projections with his mind that you could walk and live in.  I was blown away and called him showoff in my head but really fell in love with what he was trying to convey. He was showing me what the human brain has the capacity to evolve to. He was telling me that we don't have to work so hard because innately we have everything we need within our beautiful consciousness. I have seen many other beings since then that create there beautiful free lives with pure consciousness.  My brain is in the initial stages of consciousness expansion where I can be listening to headphones and very large images/visuals come up in projections from  my consciousness from what I am hearing. 

My website is a quick reference for anyone waking up to let you know you are not alone and never fear anything you see. Always know that only YOU hold the ultimate power with in yourself.  There are answers and ways to clear ourselves from the false matrix setup on Earth. In my reference section, I list people who have awakened and have many remedies to help us heal and release what is needed. You will find meditations and clearings for satanic rituals, any type of robotic (rape) interference,  implant removals and so much more.  Just always remember to truly free ourselves from the mind control, we have to essentially get out of our minds. Quiet our minds from all the intentional noise. The negative aliens can control our mental body which is where we have rational thoughts. Our true consciousness is our hearts intelligence which is our higher spiritual bodies.  We can free our consciousness to become the immortal ascending orbs we were always meant to be. Always know you are never alone and very loved.  Please always feel free to email me anytime. Stay blessed and loved.