"There is a war on our consciousness happening on Earth.  As we awaken to see things we haven't seen before,  remember all the power is always within us and we are pure infinite unconditional love."

My Story

Humans are naturally pure love

It's easy to see and feel on Earth that we are awakening and having the opportunity to evolve as a species. With so much information and even more disinformation available on the internet, I decided to keep my story very short and to the most relevant points.

My name is Cyndi Deans and several years ago I had an awakening where I found myself in a world on Earth that most of humanity knows little about. I was 50 years old, and had relocated throughout Europe and U.S. for the past 30 years with my family. I originally was excited about retiring and enjoying my life but to my surprise my whole life changed instantly.

 When I initially woke up I could feel the essence of my soul inside me. I felt more beautiful and powerful (inside out) than I ever had before in my life. I kept telling myself that my brain was evolving and I kept referring to Maslow's Hierarchy (self actualization).

Everyone and everything was becoming more clear and beautiful to me on Earth. I knew our divisions were really only distractions to our divinity.

My soul communicates with me with HSP higher sensory perception telling me important things about life and Earth.  My feelings were spiked and an internal knowing took over my being.

I didn't understand this at the time, but soon it was revealed to me that my consciousness could open up to different worlds.  I had changed timelines moving my consciousness to a different time and space. Our consciousness can extend instantaneously anywhere in time and space.  On the many different timelines/dimensions different frequencies and different types of beings existed.   Our aura's/ light bodies is our consciousness.  We have beautiful energy vortexes (chakra's) that connect us to a corresponding energetic body of intelligence. We have 12 main chakras that correspond to 12 spiritual/energetic bodies. Many of us are waking up to recognize and learn about our beautiful energy centers and our amazing  connections to each other. We are consciously connected through our axitonal and meridians lines and then directly connected infinitely to our universal source. We are now experiencing our true connections through telepathy, clairvoyanance and other psychic abilities.  It is a part of all of us and who we are as a species.  In ascension, we all have the ability stop the reincarnation cycle by healing and clearing past and present life karma. Many of you may be having dreams of past wars you never heard of, or seeing events you forgot you participated in. Memories are being revealed to us by our higher self so that we be the compassionate witness and heal and  release them.  When you blame others for your condition you form an attachment to yourself. We live in a freewill universe and must know we are the cause of all our upsets and reactions. No judgement of yourself and others and always know you are perfect. Otherwise you are giving your power away. We create our reality on planet Earth and it is very important to "own" every experience that happens to you and try to remain in a neutral loving state.  There has been a series of events that changed Earth's frequency to a very dense state. Earth basically fell to a 3D level which is a controlled "physical" state.  Human's are naturally very light(not so dense) and very powerful when we have full control of our lightbodies. Our brains are  very much like biocomputers where programs and viruses have to be  cleared out. Truth and most of our history has been hidden on our planet intentionally but if you listen to your higher self you will be guided to where you need to be.  

 Learning about our lightbodies is so important for all humans.  Here is a beautiful article on being multidimensional by Lisa Renee talking about our different chakras and their connections to our mind matrixes.(we have more than one.) It is a beautiful informative explanation of our different layers of consciousness. Also Barbara Brennan's book "Hands of Light" is a very informative guide to our chakras/energy bodies.    The world changes when you discover this world and learn about your powerful dna.  We are powerful and ascension is truly a gifted spiritual time on Earth. Earth  herself is ascending and wants all of us to come with her. 

Your higher self will help you find truth on Earth.   We have many spiritual parts to us that will be revealed to you and your higher self will always lead you back to truth.  I have felt so much love within different parts of myself and with many spirits on Earth. Many of us waking up on Earth came from different star systems and are apart of the spiritual families that are helping Earth. You will know and feel pure love when you meet them.  On my website I will talk about many real experiences that are a part of who we really are and one of them is healing and releasing karma from past lives. I am still in the process of clearing many things but always have to remind myself that we have to take responsibility and know we create our own reality.  Earth's frequencies are increasing and  our thoughts and feelings are much more powerful than they were in the past.  Always remain centered.  Whenever we step out of our center we create more of what triggered our pain, anger, etc in the first place. When someone makes us angry, it's really never about that person.  It's unresolved pain or anger and someone else is just triggering it. Centered is when you have the most crazy chaos and STILL REMAIN NEUTRAL and empowered because deep down inside you feel good and nobody can change that. We always want to move past victim consciousness (blaming others) and know we cause our own pains and reactions to those pains and we can always change them.  We always have the power to "not take it personally" and fix it with our thoughts and actions.     We all have pains and woundings from this lifetime and past lifetimes that we have to identify and heal with unconditional love. We are perfect by design and even the most difficult situation is a lesson from our soul for spiritual growth. We have to go way deep inside ourselves. Never tell yourself that someone can ever hurt your beautiful spirit in any way for any reason because they simply can't unless you allow it with your thoughts. Obsessing on negative thoughts only brings more pain but creating new thoughts along with positive actions can drastically change your life and how you feel.

During this time, my consciousness has expanded and developed certain abilities that also showed me we were much more powerful than I ever imagined. I could look up to the sky and beam a bright frequency projection light that could see the many different types of life on our planet. 

During ascension we all will becoming more of our authentic selves. Removing all inorganic identities/existences within ourselves.  We all need to live and  speak our truth of who we are.  These truths have been so distracted and hidden on Earth that it is going to take fearless souls (not worrying about what others think) but knowing the truth is important for our species. Earth in the past was  too dense (physical) and now we are evolving our DNA to our true god like existence. Ascension is a beautiful time for any planet and always celebrated throughout the cosmos!  

  I also have many beautiful stories that I will share throughout my website but one of my favorite experiences is of a spirit who came to me as a beautiful orb and then he started to create many extraordinary sceneries (like a castle, ocean)with his consciousness. These weren't pictures he was creating.  Everything he created life like projections with his mind that you could walk and live in.  I was blown away and called him showoff in my head but really fell in love with what he was trying to convey. He was showing me what the human brain has the capacity to evolve to. He was telling me that we don't have to work so hard because innately we have everything we need within our beautiful consciousness. I have seen many other beings since then that create there beautiful free lives with pure consciousness.  My brain is in the intial stages of consciousness expansion where I can be listening to headphones and very large images/visuals  come up in projections from  my consciousness from what I am hearing. It's actually very cool. 

My website is a quick reference for anyone waking up to let you know you are not alone and never fear anything you see. Always know that only YOU hold the ultimate power with in yourself.  There are answers and ways to clear ourselves from the false matrix setup on Earth. In my reference section, I list many people who have awakened and have many remedies to help us heal and release what is needed. You will find meditations and clearings for satanic rituals, any type of robotic (rape) interference,  implant removals and so much more. We can free our consciousness to become the immortal ascending orbs we were always meant to be.