Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension
Finding balance with our androgynous light bodies. Hieros Gamos.

Hieros Gamos: Naturally Androgynous (Under construction)

Hieros Gamos: The spiritual marriage between the human aspect of oneself and divine

Our physical bodies which exist as matter are usually either female or male in form but our internal energies within our light bodies have both masculine and feminine principles.

Our right side which is the active force of male gender is electric and works as a transmitter.  Our left side is the passive force of female gender and is magnetic and works as a receiver.

We all have a male electron that has a positive charge that interacts with a female negatively charged proton. 

In order to keep our spirits whole and peaceful, we need to recognize we are spiritually androgynous and keep our inner polarity of both male and female energies balanced by using heart and mind. 

Hieros Gamos is an internal alchemy process that is achieved when you resurrect the eternal Christ within yourself by balancing the female and male energy within your light body. It's loving every aspect of yourself completely and knowing spirit will always guide you with your heart. 

Remember, the Universe is set up like a time space matrix and Earth has had many software programs implemented in the hard drive to suppress our female frequency energy called Sophia. The female divine energy in all of us is bringing back pure heart and soul living. When we use our minds combined with spiritual heart everything is always perfect and no soul suffers. We prioritize loving because it is who we are. The business prototype is no longer just about how much money it makes but instead how it can add to the conscious collective of our society and how we live amongst each other. 

Negative aliens who wanted to control Earth and suppress humanity's spiritual connection to our true Source  set up religions and other patriarchal programs to control humans belief systems. In truth, humans are natural and free without all the control and judgement.  We are naturally divine spiritual beings that have powerful telepathy between us all when we envelop our true spirits.  

To biologically evolve spiritually the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves must be unified. 

Earth is evolving and all dominant patriarchal institutions are going to fall and we will see a rise in the balanced masculine and feminine principles in everything. Cheers to the perfect androgynous humans!!

GNOSTIC: Christ Sophia Consciousness exists within all of us

This force has been intentionally suppressed and hidden from Earth to keep us from our true divinity and innate powers. Christ Sophia Goddess energy is our true missing link to personal freedom.

Humans are spiritual god beings with androgynous lightbodies.  Right side is masculine (transmitter) electrical and left side is feminine (receiver) magnetic. Find balance.

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