Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension

Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascensionAccept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension
Knowing what has happened on Earth and daily spiritual cleansing helps bring balance to our planet.

Protect and Cleanse Light body (under construction)

12 D Shield

12D Shield helps connect you to your higher god self (12d platinum ray avatar god self)

 The 12th dimensional shield  is a shield we  can build that helps us communicate with our higher self.  We are essentially poking a hold in the frequency fence of Earth and connecting links back to our 12D Avatar. Building the shield strengthens and protects you by rebuilding your lightbody links to be able to repel mainipulations.  It will fortify and strengthen your aura and energy field by reconnecting to your over-soul matrix and 12D dimensional blueprint. It also allows communication links to be restored with Spiritual Forces and Star families.

 I always make the intention to be vertically and horizontally connected to the guardian host families.

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Do not fear vortexes. The 12d ray platinum vortex is a powerful tool for cleansing chakras and protection.

Vortexes are powerful tools to help clear out your chakras. Most people on Earth don't realize how powerful vortexes can be for us. Make the INTENTION to create a 12 D ray platinum vortex to spin out and clear out all density, blockages and cordings in your chakras.Transmute the energies in your chakras.  Do each chakra individually and always excelerate the spin so the vortex is powerful. You can use a 12 D ray platinum vortex or a violet flame is powerful also.

Do this as often as possible to clear out your chakras. It sometimes may help to do it several times on each chakra.

 The  seven body chakras include the 1st chakra root, 2nd chakra sacral, 3rd chakra solar, 4th chakra heart, 5th chakra throat, 6th chakra third eye and 7th chakra crown.

Learn also to work with powerful 12D vortexes for protection.

 I use this often (daily )when I go places and need protection. Make the intention to ground and create a 12D platinum vortex spinning up and around your body and excelerate the spin for the vortex to go up to the 12th Dimension. (to your god self). These are great protection for you that you can create anytime you feel you need it.

Commanding Water and Using a Pillar of Light

Water (the Undines nature spirits) are powerful protection for you.

Many of you might already feel the power of water every time you take a bath or shower. The nature spirits of water are called the Undines and they are very powerful for us. Everything is consciousness on planet Earth and we can learn to communicate and command water to remove implants for us. 

Many also know about bringing light into your body from your higher self.

 There are many ways to do it and we always can customize it with what we want to say or do like "filling in all the dark spots with platinum light" or  bringing light into different parts of us where we feel we need healing. 


 to create a pillar of platinum white light coming from above, bringing it through your crown going down to Earth, filling every cell and every pour in your body with platinum white light. This always feels really good to me. 

Commanding Personal Space (under construction)


We live in a multidimensional world with thousands of different species and it is very important to command our personal space which includes our energy bodies, homes, rooms, etc. Every time we go to a public forum, it should never be left to the speaker or leader to put a protection field or meditation for us. We are always responsible for our own protection. 

Releasing Cords Techniques (under construction)

Psychic Cords and attachments can be cleared and removed through acknowledgement and intention

Everyone has energy (etheric) cords that are created from relationships with people, places, timeline, objects. Clairvoyantly the cords look like long energy cords but they can be used to drain your energy, receive pain and guilt and other thoughts and more. It's always a good idea to remove them.  

Removing Thought Forms (under construction)


Everything is energy including thoughts we hear. We are all connected to a planetary brain shared amongst us and there a billions of thoughts (many of them aren't your own) that can be removed from your energy field. 

The Power of Forgiveness (under construction)


Intend to bring in the pink ray spectrum of forgiveness and forgetfulness is a powerful energy to bring into your body for unconditional love healing. 

Our Hearts Overriding Artificial Light and Negative Ego (under construction)


Our Hearts our powerful for us. 

Detoxing Our Bodies: Removing Parasites (under construction)


Healthy remedies and solutions for removing parasites