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Humans are not alone on Earth (Under Construction)

Extraterrestrials-Light and Dark

When you wake up you get to see all types of spirit forms. On Earth, we've been taught and many still believe only humans inhabit Earth. This is false and has intentionally been hidden from Earth's history record.
In actuality, there are many different types of beings, light and dark exterrestrials living on different dimensions of Earth.
How do we get to see the truth on Earth?
We have to heal and clear past life wounds and begin to feel and remember a history for us that is deep down inside all of our souls. 
Our universe is like a giant computer with templates that form a morphogenetic field. We live in a time space matrix and everything in the Universe is source code.  We all are originally made from a Source (GOD) which is pure consciousness.  Our creator source is powerful consciousness that circulates, expands, contracts and materializes and holds the templates of ALL creation. The original human is 12 strand DNA angelic by design. 
Many Starseeds are beginning to embody our Founder consciousness and are accessing records to our true history. I will always post updates as I access them.
 Fallen negative aliens and arch angels came to Earth and created  false architecture to control our consciousness and  to siphon the human energy field.
The Annuaki, Reptilians and Archons (dark negative aliens) are some of those fallen negative beings.  For thousands of years they had been manipulating human light bodies with mind control implants and when a "fake death"  occurs souls are reincarnated into a different body and recycled back to Earth for another lifetime. 
During our past lifetimes, our bodies had been too dense (too physical) to see our beautiful chakra's and lightbodies. The negative aliens had placed Chi (energy) siphons stationed all over the planet where they siphoned our energy from our lightbody and use it for their life. 
In reality humans are divinely immortal and powerful. Most of the history we have learned about Earth is false. During our lifetimes, human bodies have been experimented on where today we all have some genetics of exterrestrial within us also. During my awakening when I'm outside I can see reflected off my glasses (in the sun) that coming from my eyes I have different colored orbs that look like beautiful transmitters/receivers and are very powerful. They change colors depending on my conscious state.
Humans are natural gods by nature when we are freed from oppression of mind control. We naturally love when we aren't so distracted with the false institutions we interact with everyday. All of Earth was essentially a matrix with false white light meaning if you didn't clear or remove implants by recognizing and knowing TRUTHS your reality could be manipulated with mind control realities. Only truth lets you see the matrix and our true light bodies. 
Light beings (Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans) and many more have been coming to Earth for years working hard to help free humans by reconnecting our light bodies back to access the Source.  We now are waking up and seeing our lightbodies and can remove many of the implants ourselves. 
Freeing yourself isn't anything religious but it is very spiritual. You have to know all the power is within you and not give it away to anyone. You really have to implement as much organic and natural things(not manmade or created) in your life as you can.  It really is feeling with your heart in everything you do. We've been taught from birth on Earth to follow the masses and actually we should be doing  the opposite. I told myself this a lot during this lifetime that whatever everybody is doing-try to do the opposite.  Only follow your heart and soul. Your soul will guide you but you have to slow down your mind enough to listen.  If you're even questioning for one second to do something then it probably isn't right. All institutions on Earth (money/corporations, schools, religion, marriage,etc) are tools used to manipulate and are created for the purpose of control. I know looking back at this lifetime I felt totally free and happy most of the time on Earth but I questioned many things in my mind. 
Earth is designed to make us feel free but we aren't free until we can see truths and understand our realities can be manipulated until we accept the truth for what it is.  Were essentially unconscious until we can see beyond our eyes and feel the truth. 
There is a war on consciousness happening right now on planet Earth and most of humanity can't see it Aliens-We are not alone on Earth.

Click above to hear Lisa Renee talk about Thoth's role in stealing and rewriting the Emerald Tablets

Click above to hear Lisa Renee talk about Thoth's role in stealing and rewriting the Emerald Tablets

Extraterrestrials Aliens-We are not alone on Earth.


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