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Truths On Earth : Essential Earth Facts/ Earths Ascension

Finding what really happened to planet Earth is true light for humans. We are multidimensional god beings waking up to feel our full 12 strand dna potential.



Humans share space with other beings on planet Earth and it is being revealed as we awaken. 

Earth has been in a fallen closed loop controlled state for thousands of years and is ascending back to freedom.

Any planet that has inhabitants that have to pay for their food, shelter or healthcare is considered a slave planet where the consciousness of the species is being controlled. Our natural (free consciousness) would provide everything we need.

Negative aliens have been siphoning human energy using mind control technologies. I have felt and experienced these technologies so I know they exist. The psycho-tronic technology has been used to keep our species in a lower state of consciousness and out of alignment with our true god spirits. Many of us are awakening  to feel  and remember our true origins.  When we remember who we are we can feel and clear our light bodies from the mind control technologies on Earths invaded reality.


 The MOON IS FALSE.  It is a craft stripped down to be used as a (sell out) Human, Reptilian and Grey alien base used to harvest human energy and alter the magnetic gravitational fields of the planet.   It is considered a soul trap. 


Our beautiful planet is a real living being and going through ascension just like we are. We are all connected to Earth and therefore impact everything that happens to our beautiful planet.   Many of us are all able see beyond 3D earth into other dimensions because Earth chakra's (dimension) membranes are dissolving and consciousness is coming through the other dimension. The same is happening to us individually.   Our nucleic acid in our DNA is connected to the elements of earth, fire, water and air so everything that happens to Earth, happens to the human race.   We can talk to her and she will answer back through synchronicities.  We can view her beautiful chakras every time we see a colorful rainbow and know we are connected. Walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean, breathing in pure prana and with everything you do raw nature you get to feel the life essence of our beautiful planet.  

Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness)

Did you ever say 12 x 12 = 144 in your head. I know I have many times. Every human soul is so much more than an individual consciousness, we our a part of an expanding soul family.

We have different spiritual bodies with their own intelligence. We have a SOUL and then we have an OVERSOUL that created 12 oversouls or stations of identity. The 12 oversouls then create 12 oversoul extensions to exist in the lowers density of creation and our connected to the personality matrix (Chakras 1-3). 12 X 12 = 144 identities. We activate our inner Christos by running the 12th dimensional ray stringing 144 harmonics throughout our lightbody which is called the 12th dimensional shield. ( meditation)

144 also symbolizes many other things in our spiritual journey. 

Many of us see these and other numbers periodically in synchronicities (clocks, songs, signs)  throughout our lives. The numbers are pre-coded in our consciousness and many represent the consciousness gateways that are available for us.  Test it by looking at a digital clock and watch your eyes naturally blink when any master number comes up.  I moved in the home I currently live in in 2014 and I saw the 4's on the ceiling but realize now it shows 144 several times. Love is always with us if you pay attention.


Humans are natural god angelic beings with powerful 12 strand DNA 

and yet I have seen many healers calling in arch angels as guides or helpers for them during their healing sessions. Many don't recognize they have all the power they need and do not need to call in an outside force during healing sessions. 

 When many of us awaken, we are in the astral plane at our 4th dimension heart consciousness which is our first dimension of the soul dimensions 4-6  (green spectrum) and it is a VERY deceptive dimension.

 When our hearts our activated we can sometimes be in a state of bliss and not paying attention to our full surroundings. In my experience, I could see some of the beings in other dimensions were programs and not real. I had learned some truths about Earth which helps reveal things so I would have interactions with both artificial and organic beings. I will describe in detail throughout my website some of  the programs I have encountered but all of them were some form of manipulation. They really do manipulate environments from what is in your ego sub-conscious. That is what the negative aliens have been targeting in the human race. They can not control our higher heart intelligence which is organic consciousness. We have to get out of our minds on planet Earth which are our lower chakras. They have a program for anything that takes us out of our natural divinity. This is a freewill universe and everything is energy.  

 We can help others as healers on Earth when we know truths and are healed within ourselves. There are no gurus on planet Earth as we all are equally loved and valued to god. Always know you are powerful.

 I hired a few healers early on my journey who called in other beings (ex: Arch Angel Michael) during their session with me and unfortunately I felt much worse soon after the session.  Sometimes a shadow arch angel Michael will be sent to you which is used to put implants and tags in Starseeds.  Most light workers have no idea this is happening. God light never manipulates, interferes, charges too much money, or separates for divide and conquer techniques. I've had to learn to discern by listening to my heart.

 It's helps to know truth about mind control technologies and admit what is real because any type of denial will be used for a masterful manipulation. I have been through many but feel blessed to have found truth with many of them.  After being subjected to much deception, I now listen and always discern for how everything feels in my heart.  We've been programmed to accept things on 3D earth that work against our natural spirits. If we can quiet the mind enough to listen to our hearts we can FEEL exactly what to do.  Just remember that we all have free will on Earth and no one has the power to PROTECT YOU more than YOU do.  The best way to discern all the deception on our planet is stay connected with your higher self through meditation. Our most important relationship is with our higherself/godself. 

Also, all of us have beautiful guides and spiritual teams we can call in anytime for GUIDANCE. We are never alone and surrounded by teams of beings who are pure love.


We all have cleaned and taken care of our powerful crystals in many different ways but one of the best methods is by using Mother Earth.  Many of the crystals on planet Earth have been programmed by the negative aliens but we can bring them back to life through our intentions and with unconditional love.   You will feel the energy of the crystal revitalize. 


Humans are naturally angelic and have the ability to access 12 dimensions of consciousness that are correlated with each of our 12 chakras. (7 on the body: 5 outside of the body). Our chakras are the entry ways to our consciousness levels. Earth has a consciousness just like us and as we access more aspects of our consciousness we can go to our soul, over soul and the avatar consciousness just like Earth is doing.

Earth was at a fallen state at dimensions 1-3 and is ascending back to her original divinity. Dimensions 1-3 are the lowest unnatural states for a planet. We are naturally much less dense (less physical) and much more light. The first time I saw a human spirit in another dimension I knew that we were never suppose to be separated. We're all innately very powerful when we know how to manage our extraordinary  lightbodies. Below are the names of the dimensions and relations to our chakra's. 

A. Dimensions 1-3 is Earth: Personality 

B. Dimensions 4-6 is Tara: Earth's Soul Intelligence

C. Dimensions 7-9 is Gaia: Earth's Oversoul/monad Intellgence

D. Dimensions 10-12  is Aramatena: Earth's Christos Avatar Intelligence

The first level of intelligence  is a personality matrix Chakras 1-3  and is based on our ego which is very much like a computer program. These are the areas where we store our pains/wounds and addictions that need to be healed and released. An addiction is nothing more that a program. This lifetime I had many addictions and wounds to heal and could actually see real time programs running in my consciousness. Here are some exercises to help clear your chakras.

The second level of intelligence is the soul intelligence Chakras 4-6. The fourth chakra is our heart chakra and is where we come out of the ego into more into the will of god/love. Fourth chakra is also access to the astral plane. The astral plane is where a group of alien beings have a system set up to siphon human energy, energy implants and mind control technologies. Many tricks are used on the astral plane and  many people get stuck or trapped in the Astral plane not being able to discern what is real and what is a false reality.  I have had to go through so much manipulation and my higherself always takes me back to truth. Holographic overlays are used to created real lifelike realities when denial occurs.  People should never fear facing their shadows and wounds/pains (from the lower chakras) that need to be healed. Make an effort to heal every wound you can remember. Left unattended, these wounds attract dark energy beings who can form attachments, hitchhikers, entities to your lightbody and more. I have seen attachments (on most people) who have no idea they are carrying anything. It is very common. If you can actually feel an attachment, feel bless to not be able to deny truth. Just know you can clear your body completely.  I have had to remove many things from my lightbody and am still removing things often. Spiritual cleansing becomes part of our mission when we wake up on Planet Earth. You are not alone. 

Just know there are no sins and everything is an energetic signature of cause and effect. Heal in a neutral state of compassion and love with no judgement.  We always have the power to love and forgive. New energies will always respond. 

We are all consciously connected through our cells. All separation is an illusion. We are pure love. When our planet is back in alignment even ONE soul feeling off or sad is felt by all and adjusted. Feeling on planet Earth is our true connection to GOD.


Anytime you channel with another being any where in the universe it is considered a high risk behavior. Many psychic teachings and healers encourage channeling and astral projection but always be aware you can communicate more effectively and remain sovereign with natural telepathy. Telepathy is the language of feeling and should feel good when done correctly. 

Remember there is a war on our consciousness happening on Earth and many scenarios are skewed intentionally.  Manipulation must be discerned.


One of humans greatest strengths is their ability to FEEL and LOVE deeply. 

When initially awakening I noticed my heart frequency increased and I could feel intense rushes of energy going through my body in response to "love feelings." I call the beautiful rushes "warmies" and I know they are powerful vibrations that can knock out negative, artificial energies instantly. 

We have 12 spiritual bodies and our hearts will guide us to where we need to go. Listen to spirit and feel all the synchronicities happening in your life and always know you are god, sovereign and free.

Your inner spirit will direct you towards your STAR HOME SOUL FREQUENCY through your HEART VIBRATION. There is so much love in the universe so always know you are a part of these beautiful love connections.


Religion is a narrative that twisted and manipulated many truths to control the masses. 

Our planet and the human race has suffered alien hybridization for thousands of years. During this awakening we are waking up to feel and see the many alien technologies mind control strategies that have been used on our planet.  We will witness, heal and release our forgotten memories of past lives and return to the sovereign powerful beings we once were. Religion on Earth has implanted unnecessary fear and judgement  in our consciousness by using artificial intelligent, creating books that twist and misinterpret the real stories and words of awakened souls.  Religion leaves out the real fact that Christ isn't another being to be worshipped but is a expanded risen consciousness in all of us.  Jesus/Yeshua was created by our source God just as we were and knows we are powerful, as he is, when we know real truths on Earth.

There is simply nothing more powerful than us letting go of the ego created false self (the many identities we create) and remember we are pure formless consciousness made of all love and infinitely connected.  Our true source does not judge and is all loving. Judgement creates blockages in our consciousness. No judgements and we can naturally heal all  recycled pains and wounds with our powerful hearts. Childhood holds wounds and pains for many of us and we can remember and heal parts of us that may have been lost in childhood.  Go deep. Center on core spirit and forget everything you were taught to fully embrace the present moment.  We can clear all past life Karma by being the compassionate witness (neutral observer) using pure unconditional love.  All the power we need is within ourselves.

Merkaba Star

The true meaning of many of Earth sacred geometry symbols have been distorted or intentionally made to fear.  Star of David is used in the Jewish culture but it is a sacred geometry that represents masculine and feminine energy and is a part of our merkaba system.  The Merkaba star represents bringing UNITY of polarity into our lightbodies which is our consciousness.

When we build our merkaba it is two counter rotating spirals that come into rotational spin of electron (masculine) and proton(feminine) and as it spins it comes into perfect ratio balance.(neutron)

The bottom triangle spins clockwise representing female energy while the top triangle spins counter clockwise representing male energy. Both energies are in all humans as we are energetically androgynous, representing the heart and mind of the human.  

Knowledge is power and I am fortunately letting go of false beliefs to embrace truths.

List of Fallen Angelics or Fallen beings that are apart of the negative alien agenda that use masterful manipulations dispersing false information mixed with truths throughout Earth.  None of these groups are apart of our true god source and have particular agendas. Pay attention to how you feel and try not to ignore truths being shown to you. Never participate in any type of plant medicine shamanic ritual. It is set up to try to put you in programs and steal your soul. Pass this info on to the awakened as many do not know all drugs on planet Earth have purposes of soul takeover. We always need to be fully engaged in our own consciousness. Please do your own research with the guidance of your higher self.  Many of these players have been attempting to manipulate and target powerful star seeds and the awakened communities to confuse with massive amounts of misinformation.  I've experienced many of their manipulations myself. I have seen the attachments on many humans including myself. You feel them when you awaken to truth. We've all been there-it's part of our journey.   They try to take over the human body and can not do it with truths. Knowledge is power. 

1. Thothian Group (Thoth) -Fallen Melchizedeks

2. Metatronics 

3. Galactic Federation

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