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Spiritual Awakening: Consciousness Is Energy


Consciousness Is Energy That Has The Power To Change Matter

Matter Is Simply The Physical Manifestation Of Energy

When my awakening began I started to see consciousness in everything. I knew right away Earth was having a spiritual awakening.  I could see faces of consciousness coming out of peoples mouths as they spoke,  spirits all of a sudden came alive in paintings and pictures that I had never noticed before, beautiful beings came alive in frequencies in gemstones and pretty much everything became consciousness. I look at the ocean and all bodies of water and see beautiful faces of consciousness streaming through the ripples and waves and I know they can see me too.  It's hard to articulate the feeling of love that comes to me to know we are all connected in such a divine extraordinary way.   All matter which is the physical manifestation of energy is consciousness also. Even our physical bodies are pure consciousness. We can talk to our bodies and organs and heal many things within our physical bodies. I can see all the tiny beings that many of our body parts are made of .

More dense objects are consciousness as well. My kitchen floor for example which is stone tiles is just consciousness expressed as glowing faces of pure energy. I like seeing them and feel like I need to become less dense to set them free. I feel like that with all the dense energy I see on Earth.  The sun and all the living planets are conscious beings also. I asked Earth to show me truth many times when initially awakening and she definitely answered.

God is a force of powerful life and love and as we are made from that force we are beautiful powerful energetic forces of pure  love and life. Everything artificial (manmade) or too dense distracts from our natural force of divinity

Consciousness can extend instantaneously anywhere in time and space.

Consciousness can extend instantaneously anywhere in time and space.


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