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Alternative Breaths: Both Nostrils To Access Whole Brain (Un

Alternating Breathing

Breathing daily is so important for our existence and alternating our breaths between both nostrils accesses our whole brain which keeps us balanced to our true androgynous spirits.

Breathing through our right nostril which represents our masculine/reasoning side brings in the vital prana energy we need to stay vibrant. Our right nostril is also the important passage to our left thinking hemisphere of our brain. 

Breathing through our left nostril, which represents our feminine/emotional side helps us to perceive everything, as the left nostril is access to the right feeling hemisphere of our brain. 

Breathing in both nostrils is equally importantly. We are naturally balanced thinking and feeling beings and alternating breaths between nostrils can help maintain this beautiful peaceful balance.


Breathing by alternating nostrils is our connection to god. Zero Point God Matrix