Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ascension


Consciousness Is Energy


Come learn about nature spirits and essential Earth facts for ascension.

We are not alone on Earth.


Many people have stories of sexual abuse and violence (including myself) during their lifetime. Many times we don't think anything can be done about it so we don't tell our story. Negative entities can attach to painful unresolved traumas and those energies and cords need to be released. Take time to heal and intentionally release those pains and wounds so you can live your full beautiful potential. is an incredible organization available for anyone who needs to express what has happened to them. Please go to or call 1-800-656-4673

Essential Facts For Ascension


Use Your Heart To Know Truth

There is much deception and manipulation on planet Earth during our Ascension.  We know more than we think in our hearts. I found that my heart will always lead me back to truth.  Always know what resonates and feels good within yourself. 


A detailed description of the true spiritual Angelic Human history (The 12 original Essene Tribes) and how Thoth (a fallen Melchizedek) stoled and rewrote(for deception) the Emerald founder records.


Meet Dr. Kalcker

Dr. Andreas Kalcker has created a powerful solution that cures many different kinds of cancers, autism, parasites and so much more. Click the image above to be directed to Dr. Kalcklers website and click on button below for his latest book.

Help Fight Human Trafficking


Guardian Alliance Zoe International is a Christian based organization who are  rescuing children from sex trafficking. Their goal is to rescue children from human traffickers and provide the children with a new life. 

Sunitha Krishnan is also fighting against modern day sex slavery.  Her organization has rescued more than 3000 girls/women out of some form of sexual slavery.  

These children belong to all of us as they are part of the human race. Let's protect our children by bringing them to a safe nurturing healing place. 

Child sexual abuse is a problem on our planet that won't go away by itself.  Read more on child sexual abuse.